Disabled people are some of the most affected by austerity, which has been to blame for more than 130,000 deaths in the UK since 2012. But don’t listen to me – an angry able bodied woman in her pyjamas and a boiler suit at 3pm, who works with an overwhelmingly disproportionate number of disabled people experiencing hardship thanks to the cuts to their daily care, or the Institute for Public Policy Research, or the UN Committee on the rights of persons with disabilities, which found there had been ‘grave and systematic violations’ of disabled people’s rights since the changes to the welfare system were introduced. Instead, you can listen to comedian Francesca Martinez knocking it out of the park on Newsnight.

Here are some things you can do to support disabled people in your community and nationwide.


1. Join Disabled People Against Cuts, either on their website or on facebook, and find out more about how to help. There are both local and national ways to assist.

2. Check out the Disability News Service and Disability Rights UK.

3. Check if there any groups locally that provide support to disabled people.

4. Check in with people you know who have mobility issues, and see if they need help with transport or anything else.


You can donate to any of the groups listed here. And, i cannot stress this enough, you can donate to the Disability Law Service. They rely on donations to provide free legal advice to disabled people and their carers, on the phone and by email. I have used them, they are amazing, there is SO LITTLE free legal advice now, it’s all been cut. However much free legal aid and advice you think there is, halve it. Halve it again. Fold it up. Scrunch it into a tiny ball. Throw it out of a window. This is still more than there actually is. And it’s worth noting that the only time the government acts responsibly and fairly is when it is forced to by the courts. One reason among many why this administration aims to restrict their powers, and access to information about your rights. Read the DLS case studies on their website and *please* give if you can.


Don’t write out your Christmas cards – don’t even feel bad for not writing out your Christmas Cards – SEND E CARDS AND DONATE THE MONEY YOU WOULD SPEND ON CARDS. It’s a master stroke of passive aggression when dealing with unpleasant relatives, and it’s better for the environment too, you are WINNING


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